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Artefacts Creation

To carry out a playful and effective workshop or meeting it is important to have the good canvas, artifacts and games the ones that will make the process fluid and generate interest and curiosity. A effective meeting, a successful workshop, must be participative and must lead participants to learn, make discoveries, achieve concrete results and make decisions.

If the purpose of a workshop is often clear and motivated, how to approach it is at the heart of our customers’ expectations. The flow of a workshop must support its purpose and catch participants attention.

It often starts with a “Do you have an idea to work on x? We have already done it this way often. That way too. We are looking for something new, adapted to our culture and putting the whole team in action. How would you do it?” 

Does this sound familiar to you?

This is why it is key to carefully prepare the storyboard of your workshop or your meeting and select the tools you will use to make it a success and achieve your goals.

Everyone has already seen the Business Model Canvas. This is one among the many we can use to facilitate your meeting. There are many other things to do in this continuity.

Vodelio® develops its own methodologies accompanied by tailored and tangible tools. Well of course digital is not foreign to us, but that’s another story … (

Discover, for example, our Diamond Team and the selection cards for prioritizing ideas (portfolio).

Vodelio® guides you in designing with you the tools you need and you will use autonomously and distribute to your teams.


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