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Preparing a workshop is a primordial thing. To compose your event from visual building block help truly. However, its facilitation is just as important.

In some cases you will be involved in the discussion and you will need an external facilitator, in other cases also you will need support to facilitate a large group. Furthermore, co-facilitation brings tremendous benefits beyond that, complementarity of skills makes the experience richer.

A successful workshop is all about preparation, you will need to build it in order to stay in the driver seat to accompany the conversation, to design solutions with all the participants. And of course a workshop does not stop at the end of the day. Synthesizing content and decisions to communicate more widely but also highlighting the main elements to iterate and to prepare the next appointment is key. You will need to record your workshop in a effective way.


Vodelio® will help you to facilitate the delivery of your deliverables.

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